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SW 88 – Scania Truck Coordinator

SW 88 – Scania Truck Coordinator



Software module 88 – Scania trucks BCM Coordinator type 1
Memory device is serial eeprom Xicor X5328 or 25c256, both 8 pin SMD package.
For X5328 expected file size is 4096 bytes, for 25c256 expected file size is 32768 bytes.
Use JMA TPX2 ? Errebi TX2 or CN2/CN5 or K-JMD or YS-01 transponder.
Written transponder is ready programmed to start truck.
Vehicles equipped with this unit:
Scania trucks: P230, P270, P280, P310, P320, P340, P360, P380, P400, P420, R340, R360, R380, R400, R420, R440, R470, R480, R500, R560, R580, R620

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