Established since 2001 Key Tech has evolved over the years to stay innovative and competitive in the Locksmith industry.
Key Tech as a global supplier is committed to continually source the most innovative programming devices and products in the market to provide our customers efficiencies to obtain the best profits, with us you have the best choice to work with you to advance your business.

Our mission is to constantly provide and deliver to our customers the best products on the market we seek to create long term relationships that add value and profitable growth for our customers.
Our vision is to be recognized worldwide as the leading locksmith supplier with the most innovative and reliable supplies , diagnostic and programming tools in every market we serve a complete set of tools for locksmiths.

We take pride in going beyond offering locksmith training courses, trade shows and exhibitions to aim to educate and show all the latest tools and advanced security products in the industry to ensure that we provide the right tool for the right job. We build strong long-term relationships with our customers by listening first.


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