K-001 Xtool Full Key Programmer

K-001 Xtool Full Key Programmer

download software : https://mega.nz/file/QGQX1ATL#WVdOcwWjBTVboZvS0CuX9uU1Neyf-M8hVBdeWuflWD4



The K001 from XTool is a specialized OBD2 programming tool for all of your Audi / VW, BMW, Fiat and Toyota / Lexus / Scion key and remote programming needs.

You can connect your K001 to your Android device wirelessly via Bluetooth to perform programming.
Connect the included KC100 to your Android phone for precoding capabilities.

Main Features:

  • Transponder & Remote Programming: The device programs almost all Audi/VW, BMW, Fiat, Mitsubishi and Toyota/Lexus/Scion key transponder vehicles
  • Wireless Bluetooth Communication: Uses XTool’s free Android app to control the K001 device.
  • Unlimited Usage: No tokens are required on most vehicles

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