T-Diag software main packadge

T-Diag software main packadge


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T-Diag software for Tesla main packadge include:

– Scan the available modules in the vehicle, Read and clear all DTCs

– Air suspension – Set Ride Heigh, Service mode, Force Gallery Pressure, Get Pressure, Live Ride Heigh, TAS Clear Crash Data

– Brakes/ESP/TPMS – Read TPMS ID, Brake Bleeding, Steering Wheel Angle calibration, Activate EPB Service Mode, Get Versions

– Battery/BMS – BMS Read Serial number, BMS Contactor Reset, Reset Contactor Stress Index, Reset Contactor WOT Counter

– Live Data – Read Alerts

– Advanced functions – Read Car Vitals, Keyless Driving ON/OFF, Valet Enable/Disable, Showroom Enable/Disable, Reset IC, Master Reset, Reset CID, Reset GW, GW Telnet Allow, Bus Wake, Rails ON, Enter/Exit Diag, Enter/Exit Factory Mode, Enter/Exit Development Mode

– Alerts – Read All and Current alerts