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SW 142 – Ford engine ECU Siemens,EEC5

SW 142 – Ford engine ECU Siemens,EEC5



Software module 142 – Ford engine ECU Siemens, EEC5 with ID4C
Memory device is serial eeprom 93c86, 95c040 or 24c02 all SMD8 packages.
For 93c86 expected file size is 2048 bytes, for 95c040 file size is 512 bytes and for 24c02 file size is 256 bytes.
Use JMA TPX1 or CN1 or K-JMD or YS-01 transponder.
Written transponder is ready programmed to start the vehicle.
Vehicles equipped with this unit:
Ford: KA, Fiesta, Mondeo, Bantam

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